Converting  The Other Israel    to an online archive

  About 60% of  the Other Israel  remains to be converted from original print into digital documents for inclusion in this archive. The goal is to obtain a plain text document without any graphics for the page headers and margin  lines that are common in a printed newspaper.
   The process of conversion consists of scanning  each printed page  into  optical  character recognition software (OCR).  The OCR generates some regions of scrambled characters that correspond only to graphical  symbols in the original printing; these areas are easily identified and deleted. The remain text from OCR is very readable but  contains occasional  errors  which are obvious by  reading in context and by direct proof reading against the original.  The OCR process generates one letter at a time and most errors consist of infrequent single letter misspelling.  Although spelling errors can be corrected with the assistance of a spell checker, the better method is proofreading in context in a single pass  along with reference to the original where necessary.
  Volunteers for the conversion project are needed in  2 phases:  The scanning phase requires a scanner, OCR software and  email access. The proof reading phase can be done separately with  web access and  basic text editing tools.  For an  example of  original page layout and final text  layout follow the links  for Issue #1 text and images  at the archive opening page

  The exercise of proof reading an issue  is  a  visit to the peace issues at the  time of publication . The process is highly recommended for any student or interest group reviewing the history of  the Israeli-Palestinian  conflict.  Contact: