The Other Israel
       Issue #1  as  Images
The following  links  present the  images of each page of  Issue 1 as printed in July 1983. The context at that time was the increasing tragedy of the Lebanon war. The Israeli government was avoiding overtures for  negotiations with  representatives of the PLO with the  motive of not giving legitimacy for the establishment of a Palestinian state and to extend settlements into the Occupied Territories.
      In 1983  a  ICIPP resolution  published by paid advertisement  began with the observation that:
"Once again, we are seeing automatic cooperation between the Arab rejectionist front , with its allies among PLO extremists, and the Israeli rejectionist front, which runs our government."     20 years later, a  reading of  Issue 1  sheds light on the  violence  still employed by rejectionists on both sides to sabotage steps toward settlement.

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